Providing exceptional quality to its clients, every item is an art-piece carefully handmade and designed to perfection. All unique designs are inspired by artist’s 18 years of experience seeing things inventive. To share this sensibility with a larger audience, MEHMET UNVER is launched in 2015 by the artist himself.


As a young teenager, the artist entered started his career as a goldsmith apprentice. Going through an education of almost two years he became a goldsmith and at the age of fifteen he started to redesign some of the existing styles. Two of his designs got awards including first place from WGC in 2000.


Since then he has been designing and creating amazing jewelry for several brands. For the past seventeen years of career, he designed and practiced every process of making handcrafted jewelry. He discovered his own way of doing things making use of his self-created goldsmith tools. He always tries to learn things by doing it instead of watching or asking so he can explore his own way in the process. Through this, he developed a creativity philosophy of being inspired by any object he sees in daily-life and then designing the jewelry over initial-inspiration while crafting them.


mehmet unver picture